Poem #48: “Playing With Words”

I still haven’t done any writing of note, so there’s no reason for an update. The Fall semester is winding down, though — it ends in mid-December — and I’ll have a lot of free time after that. I’m sure I’ll get some writing done then. Here’s this week’s poem:

Playing with Words

A Wordsworth
of poetry
a Romantic
interlude: Ssssexy!

A Frost
response: Nyet!

Russian for no?
Or a contracted
Not yet?

The road
less travelled?
Or the one
not taken?

A Dante’s
chance in
up waiting
in purgatory
for the gates of
Heaven to open?

to be?
to be

© 2017, all rights reserved.


Poem #46: “Bliss”


We didn’t know
it was coming,
that dreadful storm
that raged and raged
like the devil’s own breath
scorching the earth
and searing everything
in its path.

The smoke
it left behind
rose up
from the ground,
tasting of brimstone
and burnt flesh.

How many
friends and loved ones
did I inhale
that day?

How many
might have been saved
if we had known
the storm was on its way?

© 2017, all rights reserved.

Poem #43: “Ball and Chain”

I didn’t feel like doing any writing this week, so nothing to report on that end. Again. I’m a bit late posting this, since I was busy grading midterms. The first batch are done, but there will be more to do next week. So, don’t expect much progress (if any) on my writing.

Here’s the poem:

Ball and Chain

Stranded in a sea of sorrow
with no life raft or a buoy,
no lifejacket made of foam
to keep my body floating,
and there you are beside me
trying to drag me under,
like the ever-present weight
of a soul-absorbing anchor.

© 2017, all rights reserved.

Poem #42: “Shucking Poems”

I didn’t do any writing this week. I worked on the reviews for the midterms and the midterms, instead. So, here’s this week’s poem:

Shucking Poems

I see the long poem
and wonder if it’s worth reading
through the rambling diatribe
and unnecessary verbiage
to find the kernels of wisdom
that might be hidden among
the dry, crinkly husks.

Then I think about the cob
lurking in its center
holding the husks
and kernels in place,
and I wonder:

Where would they be
without it?


© 2017, all rights reserved.