Sonnets to Shiver By

I’m a bit overdue for posting a poem, but I’ve been too busy with midterms and my novel to worry about it. “Sonnets to Shiver By” is another poem I submitted to the Lyrical Iowa Contest, but since I won the humorous division, it couldn’t be published by them. (They only accept one poem from each poet.) However, there was a note on it that suggested one of the judges for the contest liked it, so here it is:

Sonnets to Shiver By

Sonnets to Shiver By? Chilling and sweet,
written in rhythms of iambic feet;
Searching out poems that reach out and snatch,
clamoring sideways on feet that don’t match.
Sonnets to Shiver By? what do they mean?
Wonderment failing, I live for a dream;
Reading in riddles that claim not to care,
the poems of merit rhyme everywhere;

Breathing through nostrils that flare in delight,
hunching down deeper to read through the night,
cramming in mouthfuls of imbalanced rhyme,
porous, like sponges, my mind fills with grime
and sifts through the morsels more precious than gold:
Sonnets to Shiver By? Treasures to hold!

© 2014, all rights reserved.


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