Three Poems

It’s been a little while since I’ve posted a poem, so here are three of them:

To Catch a Butterfly

Wisdom is as fragile as
a newborn butterfly
squeezing out from its
chrysalis with its wings
crumpled, their wondrous
beauty yet to unfold.

A wise man cherishes
the caterpillar and holds
it close to the heart; he
nurtures it, feeds it, and
stands guard over the
chrysalis while it sleeps.

A fool carries a butterfly
net and rushes around,
trying to catch the rarest,
most beautiful specimens
to pin to his wall as
fragmented aphorisms.

While on his impatient
quest for the butterfly,
the fool steps on the
caterpillar and crushes
the chrysalis between
his clumsy fingertips….

© 2014, all rights reserved.

She Read Dickinson … I Think

A soft-spoken, heavenly,
heavily-accented reading
of love—lost—found—mixed
with sadness—consumed by
joy—amid the loneliness
of a poem whose words
I could not understand.

© 2014, all rights reserved.

Scrap Heap

Bad poetry never dies.
It breeds in fecund
cesspools, and its offspring?
Little balls of crap that
congregate together to
form a mountain of
crumpled papers….

© 2014, all rights reserved.


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