4-Star Review of The Viper’s Fangs

Joe Green had this to say in his review on Amazon:

really good , again cant wait for the next . this is must buy

Joe shouldn’t have too terribly long to wait for the third book to get published. I am confident that I will have it to the copy editor by December 15, and then it will depend upon her schedule. Right now, I have a little more work to do to get ready for finals week (Dec. 5 to 11) before that distraction is out of the way and I can focus more on writing. In the meantime, I’m still plodding along with revising what I’ve already written and adding a scene or two here and there. I only have a couple of scenes left to write for the third section, and I plan to do it this weekend, but I’m holding off on the last section until Thanksgiving Break because I don’t want to have any distractions while I’m write it.

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