Some Poetry

I’ve been neglecting my poetry. I haven’t written any in quite some time, and I haven’t posting very many poems over the past couple of months. I did get one accepted for the 2015 edition of The Martian Wave (“A Star-Struck Night”) along with a short story (“I’m a Little Teapot”), so I haven’t been completely idle with poetry, and one of my upcoming tasks is to compile a collection of poems for the ones I’ve written in 2014. I’ll be including the ones I’ve published in my blog as well several dozen others. If I write enough poems next year, I may make it a yearly occurrence. In the meantime, here are a couple of macabre poems that I wrote this year:


A long night awkwardly bent
over an easel set too low, brush
dripping incandescent streaks of
memory, figments of fantasy,
a reality consumed by dreams.

She is there.

A wisp of sweeping girlish
laughter; delightful, dimpled
smile; hopeful sea-green eyes.
A single cloud—gray, heavy
with rain—intrudes upon the
coastline, casts a shadow
over the weather-worn stones.

A tear falls, mingles
with the paint—a soft
tear, gentle tear, a tear
of remembrance and
longing, longing….

He knows the name
of the painting before
he’s finished, knew it
before he began.

He dips his brush in blue,
mixes in the white, the gloss,
and bleeds the name into
the hem of her diaphanous

© 2014, all rights reserved.

The Clue

A single speck of dried
blood ground into the foot-
print of a shoe with worn
soles and angry tread.

It holds within it the DNA
of the killer who otherwise
left no trace, no hint of his
mysterious identity.

Officer Grady kneels on
one knee, next to the victim,
and checks for a pulse, for
the soft intake of breath,
for life.

When he stands, mud clings
to his knee, concealing the tiny
drop of blood that would have
caught the killer, that would
have caught him….

© 2014, all rights reserved.


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