3-Star Rating for Have You Seen My Cat?

About a week ago, I posted that there was a 3-Star review for Have You Seen My Cat? without a comment. At the time, I had only looked at the Amazon.com posting, but there seems to be a glitch with it, since Amazon.uk (and other Amazon sites) has additional information about the review. On that site, it is titled “Okay Read” and has Dennis Anderson saying this:

I liked it. Unfortunately, it did not lend itself to becoming a series.

I don’t know why the text of the review isn’t showing up on the Amazon.com site, since Amazon.uk and the other Amazon sites have it posted as coming from Amazon.com. Anyway, I agree that Have You Seen My Cat? isn’t likely to become a series, but mostly because I don’t write a lot of mysteries and have put short stories on the back burner while I’ve been working on my fantasy novels.


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