Belated Posting of a Review of Worms and Other Alien Encounters

In reorganizing my blog pages, I noticed that I haven’t posted the 5-Star review Ronda Swolley gave for Worms and Other Alien Encounters. It runs as follows:

Mr. Hansen has a way of creating humor while making a point. I have greatly enjoyed his short stories, and think he has a strong talent for seeing the unexpected answer to a situation, and for finding humor in odd places. While he does have a dark side, his greatest strength is in his ability to make a serious point while keeping it amusing enough that you forget you are learning something.

I  should note a few things about this review:

  1. It was posted to Amazon before I started my blog, and I initially didn’t post any reviews to my blog (hence the oversight).
  2. Ronda Swolley is my sister and copy editor, and I was reluctant to post the review because I wanted to avoid the appearance of nepotism. However, when I’ve talked to her about doing other reviews for my fiction, she has been reluctant to do so (for the same reason) and also mentioned that Amazon, after finding out that she was my sister, won’t let her post any more reviews for my work, anyway. So, if it’s worth anything, she isn’t the kind of person who would give a review like this unless she thought the book deserved it, regardless of who wrote it.
  3. The collection changed somewhat between the time she copy edited it and it was published. Some of the stories in the original draft I sent her (the ones that didn’t involve aliens) were not part of the final draft. Instead, those stories were published as part of Have You Seen My Cat? And Other Stories.

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