Penultimate Angst Update

I have received the copy edit of Angst and made the corrections that were needed. I will be formatting it for publication today and plan to publish it tomorrow (June 4) as an e-book. There may be a brief delay before I publish the print version on CreateSpace.

I haven’t thought much about writing over the past week or two; instead, I’ve been working on my Summer courses, watching TV, and playing a few computer games. It’s been a rather nice change of pace after being immersed in Angst for the past two months. 🙂 I expect to get back to writing shortly (perhaps by this weekend), but I don’t really feel like starting a major project (novel, series). Since I already have about 25% of a sci-fi short story collection done, I’ll probably finish it this summer. However, I’ve also been thinking a little bit about the sci-fi novel I put off writing while I worked on my Angus the Mage series; I might do that, instead. Oh, and writing a little poetry here and there.

Before I tackle another fantasy project (novel or series), I will have to do some thinking / planning for it. There are opportunities for a spin-off series or two related to the Angus the Mage books, but I haven’t really thought much about those possibilities yet. At the very least, I will need to know how the story will begin and end before I start writing a novel, and if it’s a series, I’ll also need the basic plot idea for each of the books. Right now, all I have in mind are a few notions, like writing about Giorge’s past or writing about the war that is about to break out in Tyr, and they are a starting point for thinking, not writing. So, as I work on the stories this summer, I’m also going to toy around with possible ideas for fantasy novels / series. I might even start writing one if the idea inspires me enough to do it, but don’t count on it. A project of that sort is more conducive to the Spring semester, when I have a minimal course load.


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