Catching Up With Reviews

Predator51 has reviewed each of the first three books in the Angus the Mage Series and gave them each a 5-star rating.

Here is the review of The Tiger’s Eye (“A very entertaining book!“):

As far as adventure stories this has to be one of the better ones to read! It was action packed and so interesting, that I went right ahead and bought the next two books in this series. Superb plot about an assassin who trains to become a master wizard, but a year before graduating he loses his memory on a spell that went wrong. The story keeps getting better!

Here is the review of The Viper’s Fangs (“Going through hell to break a curse!“):

A mage who lived thousands of years ago puts one heck of a curse on the bloodline of family that affects one member of Angus’s party. Certain tasks must be completed in 3 weeks! Plenty of action! Extremely enjoyed when the assassin named Typhus takes over half of Angus’s body. Looking forward to reading book # 3!

Here is the review of The Golden Key (“Quite a few exciting adventures!“):

I enjoyed this book more than the previous ones! This part of the overall story involves varies adventures of different characters, some from the first two books and introducing new ones. Lots of action with plenty of surprises! Originally this series was planned for as a 7 book series, but ended up only going to 4 books. Thus the next book may be cut short without a very good ending!

I’m not sure if I said that it would be a 7-book series, since all I can remember saying in my blog post was that I wasn’t sure how long it would be and it might keep growing. As for the “ending,” see the next review by J.

My first review for Angst was a 2-star review by J. It begins as follows:

I usually don’t write reviews like this but I am absolutely apoplectic about how this book ended. It is by far one of the worst endings ever for an otherwise good series. This book is the worst one in the series by far. In fact the ending is so bad I can’t believe the same author wrote the rest of the series.

J continues with a Spoiler Alert that gives away quite a bit of the plot, so I’m not including that in this post. However, based on J’s comments here and in that spoiler alert, I think a brief clarification is in order. Angst is the end of the Angus the Mage Series, but it isn’t the end of the story. I plan to continue with the story from the viewpoint of other characters as a sequel to the Angus the Mage Series. As I’ve noted in my recent blog posts (see writing updates), I’ve been jotting down notes for a project tentatively called I Will Be King, which will pick up where Angst left off. I’m not sure if that will be the project that I will do first, but I’m definitely leaning that way. I am also thinking about writing a novel about Giorge, a collection of stories / novellas to clarify certain things from the series, or a book about The Banner of the Wounded Hand from the time before they met Angus. Regardless, I don’t expect to start working on any of these projects until December, since my Fall teaching load is going to require more work than last year.


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