Project Updates

Once I begin writing in earnest again, I will update the progress I am making on my various projects. At present, those projects are:

  • Currently Writing:
    • Exploitation and Other Stories (a SF / mystery collection):  ~45,000 to 52,000 words
    • Angus the Mage Sequels
      • Aftermath:  ~ 5,000 words
      • Symptata’s Curse:  ~ 4,500 words
      • I Will Be King:  ~ 2,000 words
    • Installments (a mystery Novel or Collection):  ~ 7,000 words

My goal is to average 2,000 to 3,000 words a day from mid-December to Mid-July. If I do that, I should be able to complete most of these projects by then. We’ll see….

  • Preparing to Publish
    • 2015:  A Year of Poetry (I need to organize the poems and format copies for the different online retailers.)
    • Second Editions of my poetry collections to correct minor formatting issues and include the poems I’ve written since publishing these collections.

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