Brief Update

Well, I ended up doing a lot more prep work for my Spring classes than I intended to, but now they’re both ready to go and I won’t be distracted by them until the classes start. I also loafed a bit over the past few days (too much Slotomania on Facebook 😦 ), so I feel refreshed and ready to focus on writing. I expect to have something positive to post by New Years, but if I get ambitious, I’ll start making weekly updates.

The first thing I need to do is get organized and decide what to write. My poetry collection (2015: A Year of Poetry) will probably be first, since I need to have it ready to publish in early January, but it shouldn’t take long to finish organizing it and double-checking to make sure I have the final drafts of the poems in the collection. I won’t be able to include all of the poems I’ve written this year, though, since a few are pending publication and I’m waiting to hear back from a few publishers about some others. I’m still undecided about doing the second editions of my earlier poetry collections, but I ought to make that decision pretty soon.

I’m inclined to finish the collection of stories after that, since it’s up to about 62,000 words if I include the mysteries and the sacrilegious flash fiction, but even if I get it done, I won’t be able to publish the collection for a while (it will need to be copy edited, and then there’s the matter of the cover art). I’m also going to do some serious thinking about the basic plot structure of the sequel series for my Angus the Mage series to make sure they are all coherent. The mystery novel will probably go to the back burner, where it will join the science fiction novel I’ve been putting off writing since I started working on the Angus series. I’ll probably get to them both eventually, but I’m not sure when. I’ve also been thinking about “Please Don’t Eat the Penguins,” so we’ll see what happens with that, too.


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