Brief Update

Since I posted final grades, here’s what I’ve been doing with writing:

  • I wrote some poems and reorganized this year’s poetry collection a few times. I’ll have it ready to publish during the first week in January.
  • I’m going to wait to publish Installments on the other sites until I have the poetry collection ready and have updated the front matter for all of my books to include a list of all of my publications. It will be simpler to upload them all to each site at the same time.
  • I’ve jotted down some more notes for I Will Be King and need to integrate them into the novel’s outline. I’ll start writing it after I get my Spring courses ready (probably after the first of the year), but it doesn’t quite feel right yet. I’ve learned to trust my subconscious when I feel this way, and I need to think about the story without distractions to figure out what’s holding me back.
  • I’m still thinking about the good vs. evil fantasy epic. I may be able to integrate it into the world of Skein as a sequel to the Angus the Mage and Aftermath series, but I don’t know if it will work. I have to write the rest of the books in Aftermath before I’ll know that, and you’ve seen how sluggish I’ve been on that.

Anyway, it looks like I have a lot of grunt work to do between Christmas and New Years, so my next update will be in 2017. In the meantime:

Happy Holidays!




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