Poem #3: “One in a Million”

Not much to report on my writing. A few more poems, some revision, and I’ve allowed myself to be distracted some more. At least I’m starting to feel a bit like writing, so maybe this week will see some progress. Also, I think three of my poems were accepted for publication (the comment suggested it, but it wasn’t clear); I’ll find out for sure next week. In the meantime, here’s a rondeau that I wrote this week:

One in a Million

“A single death,” said Stalin,
“is a tragedy, a million
deaths is a statistic.”
But is that realistic?
Was it really tragic when

Stalin died? Did his victims
mourn his timely passing?
Or were they ecstatic?
A single death—

if it is the right one—can
be far from tragic. One
less depraved, sadistic,
madman and that statistic-
al million would then become
a single death.

© 2018, all rights reserved.


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