Making A Few Changes

My blog is undergoing a bit of reorganization to reflect the ongoing development of my writing. I am creating parent pages for the books I’ve published and the ones I’m currently working on. For instance, I’ve already updated the pages related to my Angus the Mage Fantasy Series by linking them to a parent page, providing the full text of Book 1: The Tiger’s Eye, and adding an excerpt for Book 4: Angst. There will also be changes in how I present the science fiction, mystery and poetry pages, but I don’t expect them to be very disruptive.

A Bit of Minor Reorganization of My Blog

As I am going through the process of opening accounts to publish my work, I’m also reorganizing my blog a bit. So far, I’ve relabeled some of the pages and categories, and added a couple of new pages (one with links to my novels / story collections, and the other with links to my poetry collections). Hopefully these changes (and the ones I will make in the near future) will make it a little easier to navigate my blog.

Reorganizing the Blog

I started reorganizing my blog today, and I will likely need to do some more with it. At present, I have created the following pages:

  • Introduction: a brief introduction and biography
  • Poetry Collections: links to e-book retailers, brief descriptions, and additional information for my collections of poetry
  • The Snodgrass Incident: links to e-book retailers, a brief description, and the first chapter.
  • Worms and Other Alien Encounters: links to e-book retailers, a brief description,  and the first five stories from the collection.
  • The Tiger’s Eye: a brief description and excerpts from the first chapter. I will be provide links to e-book retailers once I have published the novel.
  • Archived Poems: I will periodically be copying poems from my blog to this page.
  • Other Stories and Poems: links to my poetry and stories that have been published / archived online that are available for free.

I am also cleaning up my blog by deleting some posts that are no longer relevant (primarily those related to the materials that are now in the pages and deals that are no longer available).