Penultimate Angst Update

I have received the copy edit of Angst and made the corrections that were needed. I will be formatting it for publication today and plan to publish it tomorrow (June 4) as an e-book. There may be a brief delay before I publish the print version on CreateSpace.

I haven’t thought much about writing over the past week or two; instead, I’ve been working on my Summer courses, watching TV, and playing a few computer games. It’s been a rather nice change of pace after being immersed in Angst for the past two months. 🙂 I expect to get back to writing shortly (perhaps by this weekend), but I don’t really feel like starting a major project (novel, series). Since I already have about 25% of a sci-fi short story collection done, I’ll probably finish it this summer. However, I’ve also been thinking a little bit about the sci-fi novel I put off writing while I worked on my Angus the Mage series; I might do that, instead. Oh, and writing a little poetry here and there.

Before I tackle another fantasy project (novel or series), I will have to do some thinking / planning for it. There are opportunities for a spin-off series or two related to the Angus the Mage books, but I haven’t really thought much about those possibilities yet. At the very least, I will need to know how the story will begin and end before I start writing a novel, and if it’s a series, I’ll also need the basic plot idea for each of the books. Right now, all I have in mind are a few notions, like writing about Giorge’s past or writing about the war that is about to break out in Tyr, and they are a starting point for thinking, not writing. So, as I work on the stories this summer, I’m also going to toy around with possible ideas for fantasy novels / series. I might even start writing one if the idea inspires me enough to do it, but don’t count on it. A project of that sort is more conducive to the Spring semester, when I have a minimal course load.

Angst Update

I have most of the things I need to do for my Summer classes in order (except grading and responding to student e-mails), so when my sister finishes the copy edit for Angst (she’s about halfway through it), I shouldn’t have too much trouble getting it ready for publication. There’s even a pretty good chance that I’ll make my target date of June 4 (the anniversary of publishing The Tiger’s Eye).

When I publish Angst, I also intend to do the following:

  1. I intend to replace Angus the Mage: Books 1, 2, and 3 with the completed series.
  2. I intend to publish Books 2-4 as a set.
  3. I intend to publish a Bonus Pack that includes the four books of the Angus series and The Drunken Wizard’s Playmates.
  4. I might increase the prices for Books 2, 3and 4 to compensate for making The Tiger’s Eye free, but I haven’t made up my mind yet.

Book 4 Update

Angst, Book 4 of my Angus the Mage series, is in the hands of the copy editor. Hopefully it won’t take too long for her to get through it. (She has another project that has a higher priority, but it may not have come in yet.) Will give another update when I know something.

In the meantime, I’m going to take some time off from writing to relax and then do prep work for my summer classes. Then I’ll have to decide what to do as my summer project(s). I need a break from fantasy, so it will probably be science fiction and poetry. The only question is whether I’ll do a novel or write a collection of short stories. Will let you know what I decide.

Change of Title for The Spiders Bite

After talking with my mom about my book, I have decided to abandon my working title for Book 4 of my Angus the Mage series. Instead of calling it The Spiders Bite, I am now going to call it Angst. I think it is a more appropriate title, especially since my mom was wondering why I was calling it The Spiders Bite (it helped me to focus while I wrote it, but it may be too vague for the reader).

The Spiders Bite

With the exception of revising the last two scenes that I wrote today, The Spiders Bite is ready for the final proofread, and I’ll probably start on it tomorrow. If I do, it should be off to the copy editor by the end of the week. Hopefully she’ll be able to work it in to her schedule quickly; if she doesn’t, it may be a while before she gets to it. Then it will just be a matter of getting the cover and publishing it. If everything goes really well, I might even be able to get it published before the end of the May….

Brief Update on The Spiders Bite

I should have the penultimate draft of The Spiders Bite (I may change the title) finished by Monday or Tuesday. Once I get it done, I’ll send the rest of it to my mom for feedback (she’s already read the first three sections, but I haven’t talked to her about the third one yet). Then I’ll let it sit for a couple of days before I proofread it and send it to my sister for the copy edit. Depending on her schedule, I might be able to publish it on June 4, which is the anniversary of the day I published The Tiger’s Eye.

Brief Update on The Spiders Bite

I just finished the third section of The Spiders Bite and sent it to my mom for some feedback. It’s up to 113,000 words and the next section will wrap up the last of the plot threads in the series. I’m pretty happy with what I have done so far, but I’ll have to wait and see what my mom has to say about it. So far, her comments have been pretty good ones.

The Tiger’s Eye is now free.

In anticipation of publishing the fourth (and final?) book in my Angus the Mage series, I have decided to make The Tiger’s Eye free. It may take a few days for some of the sites to process this change, but all of them should be updated by next week. I’m debating increasing the price for The Viper’s Fangs and The Golden Key to compensate for the lost revenue, but I won’t do that until I publish The Spiders Bite.

I am pretty close to having The Spiders Bite finished. It’s now over 102,000 words and I’m in the middle of a tricky sequence of scenes that should bring the major plot line for the series to a close. I hope to have most of those scenes finished today, but it will depend upon how they unfold. I may have to set them aside and let the ideas percolate before I can finish them. If that happens, I’ll work on the other plot threads and loose ends that need to be resolved by the end of the book. I like what I have so far, and I’m excited about wrapping up the series, and that makes it easier to write. It’s been an enjoyable experience, but I’m ready to do something else. I’m pretty sure it will be a science fiction novel or a collection of stories (sci-fi, mystery, and fantasy). I’m leaning toward the latter, since it would be nice to clean up my idea pile and finish some of the stories I’ve already started.

My informal goal is to finish the initial revised draft of The Spiders Bite by next Monday so that I can let it sit a couple of days before doing the final run-through / proofread. Considering what I’ve gotten done over the past few days, I’m optimistic. I’ll give my next update when I get the initial draft of the novel done.

Back At It

After taking a few days off from writing, I’m back at it. I started by writing a couple of scenes for the epilogue of The Spiders Bite, and now I’m tackling the final section. It’s up to ~86,000 words and I’ll probably add a little more to it tonight.

After talking with my mom about the first two sections, I have a little more confidence with what I’m doing in the last section. I didn’t have many reservations about what I had already done or what I’m doing in the last section, but the positive feedback and encouragement helps.

My evening course is finished, and the online course finishes up in a couple of days. It will be nice to focus exclusively on writing for about two weeks, and once the Summer session starts it should be pretty easy to work around it with my writing. I’m already starting to think about what I might be doing next. 🙂

Brief Update

I just finished revising the last few scenes of the second section of The Spiders Bite. I like what I have enough to send it to my mom for feedback, but I may end up adding a few more scenes to it. It’s up to ~77,000 words already, and I have quite a bit to wrap up. I think I’ll be able to do it in one more section, but it could end up being longer than that.

I’m going to take some time off from writing — probably until next Monday or Tuesday. I have work to do for my classes, and I want to get caught up on the television programs I watch before the season ends. I’ll probably write a little poetry, too. These distractions will give me time to think about how to tackle the last section of The Spiders Bite. Most of the decisions I have to make will happen early on, so it should flow fairly well once I get back into it. We’ll see.