Poems and Stories Published Online

Here are the links to some of my poetry that has been archived online:

Calliope on the Web:

Note:  The formatting of “Patient Zero” didn’t translate very well; the vertical alignment should have looked like this:


The Corner Club Press

  • Playing Thief,” story (Vol. 2, Issue 7)
  • TLC” poem (Vol. 4, Issue 16)
  • Limbo” story (Vol. 4, Issue 18)
  • 3 Haiku (Vol. 5, Issue 19)

Haiku Journal

Lyrical Iowa Competition

The Montucky Review:

The Oddville Press

Orion Headless:

Tanka Journal:

Weather Eye #7:

  • Five Poems (Smoke Signals, taking umbrage, Pantoum, Mother’s Day, The Lucifer Effect)


The Writing Disorder (8 Poems in the Winter 2012-13 issue)

  • Curmudgeon
  • Stalked
  • Sparky
  • Do It!
  • Thesis Topic: Social Dynamics in a Hospital Waiting Room
  • Mulberry Tree
  • Looming Deadline

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